About Us

Home grown & Jesus sustained ?


 A little about where it all began from owner, Courtney Avis!

My husband John and I (dating at the time) opened Bayou Gypsy Boutique in 2011 out of my home in Ruston! One weekend out of every month - my basement was open to customers, while making friends along the way! We knew God had bigger plans for this adventure, and in 2012 we took the leap of opening in Monroe at our current location. Everything was going smoothly until we found out how pricey a sign is! John asked which I would rather have first - a sign or a wedding ring.... I said, "SIGN!" As long as I'm getting a ring one day of course :) So, he got Bayou Gypsy our sign and I eventually got my ring! (February of 2013 just in case you were wondering :) ) 

Bayou Gypsy has grown into a thriving business where our mission is to deliver quality, fun clothing and accessories while developing solid customer relationships with YOU!

We update our instagram and facebook with new merchandise as well as whatever shenanigans we are up to! We hope you have a lovely day and know God loves you!